Special Issues of Teaching/Aspects of the Language Arts include (but are not limited to):
Ipods in the classroom—learning tools or distraction?
Guided Reading in primary grades
teaching students to be critical, close readers
teaching students to be critical, close viewers
journal writing—communication and/or response
teaching expository writing--essays, research reports
picture books across curriculum
reading comprehension of hypertext
teaching research strategies and developing skills—Internet and/or other resources
discussion of literature—student or teacher led?
teaching Shakespeare
teaching grammar, usage, and mechanics
teaching poetry
planning for diversity in ELA
making representation significant in ELA
teaching study skills in middle school
choosing literature—censorship, gender preferences, cultural issues
students reading and/or creating multimedia texts
including Canadian literature in the classroom
MulticulturalismFeature Film Study- Teach with Movies
Oral communication skills Pop culture
Picture books in secondary
Computers in English language arts learning
Graphic Novels
The Canon
Group learning in English language art
Critical thinking in ELA
Boys and (multi)literacy
Writing process
Reading at the secondary school level
Newspaper reading and creation
Expository writing
English language arts for the gifted and talented
Storytelling in the ELA classroom
Literary criticism in the secondary school
Canadian literature
Shakespearean drama
Contemporary drama
Creative drama in the English program
Videomaking in the English classroom
Music in the English language arts classroom
Working with ESL learners in English language arts classes
Creative projects in English language arts